Summer 2017, Berlin

How can smart materials change design choices? This generative sculpture was created in a material study about dielectric elastomers at the UdK. Smart materials are able to react and change their form and condition under certain influences such as high voltage, mechanical force, or temperature. After exploring their potential we built a functioning prototype that reacted on input almost like an artificial muscle. Through a distance measuring sensor, interaction with the installation became possible for the visitors.

More about our shape studie with dielectric elastomers can be found here, another artistic reasarch exploring smart materials here

Materials: MDF, PET-G, VHB, graphite, conductive copper tape, arduino
In collaboration with Manuel Ahnenmüller, David Reitenbach, Merani Schilcher, Nadya Shikalova

Exhibited at Rundgang Universität der Künste Berlin (21-23rd July 2017, Berlin)