Dielectric Elastomers

Summer 2017, Berlin

How can choices of design and interaction change when the material we use is already the medium of information?
With Electroactive polymers or dielectric elastomers a designer has the ability to bind interactions directly to the material which produces the ability to change form and condition of the material under influences such as high voltage, temperature ans mechanical force. The used Material VHB, produces by 3M, is streched 300% from starting size, graphic powder and a conductive copper tape is applied. When the high voltage (5000V) is running through the material it gives an illusion of movement on it´s own. You can see a generative sculpture with this technique here

During the Open days of the UdK Berin, visitors were able to attend a hands-on-workshop with me and Merani Schilcher where the attendants learned how to buil an actuator themselfes.

Materials: VHB, PET-G, graphite, conductive copper tape